General Description

SEWON vocon valve is an automatic pressure/vacuum valve developed to provide automatic pressure control by electrical actuator for the cargo tanks pressure, ensure that maximum acceptable pressure is not exceeded and to emission less excess VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) over the outside.


Size N.D. : 100A ~ 200A
Body : Ductile cast iron, Stainless Steel
Disk & Seat : Stainless Steel
Operate system : Electrical

The vocon system consists of vocon valve with an actuator, an automatic electric control panel and a pressure transmitter installed in the IG main line.

This system operates the vocon valve to regulate the pressure of the cargo tank and IG main line to discharge the inert gas to the atmosphere.

Open and close are adjusted according to the desired setting of the control panel.

Equipment components

Vocon Valve

Electric Control Panel
The vocon valve is operated from an PLC of the control panel.
Control panel has composed display panel, emergency button and manual switch, lamp, main power switch.
The control panel must be installed in a non-hazardous area.

Electric Actuator

Pressure Tranmitter
It is installed on the IG main line and serves to transfer the line pressure to the control panel.
Voltage : 24VDC
Explosion proof : Exd IIC T6, IP67

Design Characteristic

The setting pressure and vacuum of the vocon valve can be adjusted by the operator.
The operation of the valve can be controlled in both automatic mode and manual mode.
The amount of VOC discharged through the vocon valve during the ship's sail is recorded.